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High School Girls Group

sign up here to get more information At Stone Creek Psychotherapy and Wellness Center, we are all too familiar with the wide spectrum of serious


Social Development Classes

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CLASSES AT STONE CREEK Stone Creek has developed a unique 10-week course for children, adolescents and young adults to support and improve healthy


Psychoeducational Evaluations

Psychoeducational evaluations identify a full range of capabilities, learning strengths, and challenges, and can clarify a variety of diagnoses for all ages. Psychoeducational evaluations identify


Educational Support Services

Educational support is not simply tutoring. It is treatment that goes above and beyond the standard. Educational support is not simply tutoring. It is treatment


Psychoeducational Services

Psychoeducational Evaluations Learn More Educational Support Services Learn More Parent and Professional Development Learn More Academic Resources Learn More Other Services Learn More Psychoeducational evaluations

neurofeedback treatment with blocks

Career Assessments

There are many sources of meaning in our lives. Few of these are as significant as the process of finding and engaging in satisfying work.

children in play therapy

Social Skills Classes

Stone Creek’s Social Skills Program follows an evidence-based curriculum tailored specifically to help children, adolescents and young adults develop the skills necessary to make and

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