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stone creek therapy staff

Troy Binegar, LCSW

Troy Binegar, LCSW complete both his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and his Master’s in Social Work at The University of Houston. For the past eight years, Troy has continued to cultivate his practice working with a wide spectrum of issues Including emotional dysregulation, mood disorders, anxiety, panic, dissociation , depression, and complex trauma. He also has experience supporting individuals in recovery from addiction through while working at Vista Taos Renewal Center in Taos, New Mexico. Troy enjoys working with adults and adolescents experiencing low self-esteem and shame while providing support in navigating difficult life transitions and overcoming adverse circumstances. He encourages his clients to enrich their lives by assisting them in discovering, cultivating and pursuing their passions in life. He uses a wide range of therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and client-centered approaches to customize intervention strategies for each individual, promote out of the box thinking, and challenge negative core beliefs.
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