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Stone Creek Psychotherapy’s therapists can see clients who are covered by insurance and/or who would prefer to pay out of pocket.

Why would I want to pay out of pocket?

Our office staff can check with your insurance and let you know your options.

There are some advantages to consider if you do not use insurance.

For example, paying out of pocket means that your therapy experience is private – none of your records, diagnostic information, or approval for services will be sent to an insurance company.  Additionally, some of Stone Creek Psychotherapy’s therapists are not contracted with a certain insurance.  We can work with you to find the best payment option for you and your family. 

What insurance does Stone Creek Psychotherapy take?

We are currently in-network with the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield – Troy Binegar, Vicki Easterling, Stella Lessert, Casey Mansfield, Diane Schaefer, Laurel Tate, & Leticia White.
  • Aetna – Troy Binegar,  Vicki Easterling, Jessica Gutierrez, Nathan Juenke, Stella Lessert, Casey Mansfield, Paola Roldan, Diane Schaefer, Laurel Tate, & Leticia White.
  • Cigna – Troy Binegar, Nathan Juenke, Stella Lessert, Diane Schaefer, & Laurel Tate.
  • UHC – Troy Binegar,  Vicki Easterling, Diane Schaefer, Laurel Tate, & Leticia White.
  • Medicare – Stella Lessert, Diane Schaefer, & Leticia White.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover therapy?

That’s okay! If you would like to see us even though we are not on your insurance, we can provide specialized receipts (called “superbills”) that you can submit to your insurance provider. If the services are accepted by your insurance, they would then reimburse you at their out-of-network rate after you meet the deductible.

Questions? Ready to get started?

We would love to hear from you. Click the button below to talk with our office staff to learn more about these options.

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