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Couples Therapy

What we need to understand and accept is that conflict is supposed to happen. Romantic love is supposed to end. Nearly all couple experience highs and lows, but many of us may need help in overcoming emotional hurts and wounds associated with conflicts, dishonesty, hurt and feeling misunderstood.

Clear communication is a window into the world of your partner, and as Harville Hendrix suggests is a “powerful aphrodisiac.”

At Stone Creek we honor the importance of family dynamics in our work with clients and couples, helping them identify and implement changes for a more fulfilling, mutually satisfying relationship. The expertise and guidance by the Clinicians at Stone Creek will help couples navigate this sometimes difficult but rewarding journey to a more rewarding, satisfying marriage.

Couple counseling is for committed partners- married or not- who have a mutual interest in preserving their relationship and finding a means of overcoming their differences.

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