Stone Creek Psychotherapy offers video counseling services, also known as teletherapy. Teletherapy provides a convenient option for clients with limitations that would otherwise prevent them from receiving the benefit of therapy. Our implementation of online therapy services is part of our ongoing effort to serve our community by making psychotherapy accessible to those hindered by issues such as busy work/school schedules, lack of transportation, limited childcare, or physical limitations. 

Video therapy allows clients to connect with a licensed therapist from the comfort of their own homes or work offices via a secure online virtual sessions without the added time and stress of commuting to a therapist’s office. 

Teletherapy is ideal for adolescent and adult clients struggling with issues including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship or family issues
  • Work or academic stress

Before you begin the scheduling process for video counseling services, be sure you have access to:

  1. A fully-functioning computer/laptop with a webcam, speakers/headset, and microphone
  2. A reliable internet connection 
  3. A quiet, distraction-free area where you feel comfortable to talk freely

Please be aware that we require teletherapy clients to submit all intake paperwork and documentation via email prior to scheduling their first appointments. Additionally, online counseling services may not be not offered by all therapists. 

To inquire about therapists offering teletherapy and current availability, please call 281-579-0703 or email

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