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Career Assessments

There are many sources of meaning in our lives. Few of these are as significant as the process of finding and engaging in satisfying work. While the rewards are great, the journey isn’t always easy. The Career Resources Center at Stone Creek provides individuals with tools and experiences to guide the journey toward fulfilling career lives. The assessments used are among the most respected and widely administered career planning tools available, including The Strong Interest Inventory® (ages 15+) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (ages 14+). Clients can expect to gain insight into personality, suitable careers and college majors, preferred work environments and tasks, work and leadership style, interests, and job fit.

Work and career issues plague nearly everyone from time to time. Whether you’ve had the same job for decades or are just beginning your career, there’s no doubt that you will at some point face worries or anxieties that are in some way connected to the workplace. Though many issues are resolvable without third-party intervention, problems and complications that interfere with your everyday life – both at and away from the workplace – may require professional work and career counseling.

Did you know?

that the American Psychological Association cites career and work issues as a primary cause of stress in nearly 70 percent of American employees? More than half of American employees make or have made career decisions based on issues and stress at work, and approximately 55 percent have admitted that work has somehow interfered with their life at home. Some of the most common issues pertaining to careers and the workplace include:

  • Job loss or layoff
  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Feelings of being unfulfilled or not utilizing one’s maximum potential
  • Ethical concerns
  • Conflicts with co-workers
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of time off
  • Discontent with a job or career choice
  • Lack of creative control
  • Job insecurity

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need work and career counseling?

You may benefit from work and career counseling if you are experiencing work-related worries, frustrations or anxiety that is negatively affecting your personal and daily life. You may also need counseling if you notice symptoms of problems at work, such as a lack of motivation, reduced productivity, or self-sabotaging behaviors.

What should I expect from work and career counseling?

Work and career counseling will help you explore the associations between negative behaviors and workplace issues, and it will help you work toward a plan of reducing stress and resolving work-related problems. You’ll also learn how to find balance between the various areas of your life competing for your attention.

What are my steps going forward after work and career counseling?

You may find that you are inherently happy at your place of employment, or you may find that it is time to begin pursuing a new job or career in the future. Regardless of the outcome of your counseling experience, you’ll leave with a better understanding of your personal goals and the importance of setting healthy boundaries in your career.

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