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Educational Support Services

Educational support is not simply tutoring. It is treatment that goes above and beyond the standard.

Educational support is not simply tutoring. It is treatment sourced from the comprehensive understanding of a student’s strengths that goes above and beyond the standard to achieve holistic development. These services incorporate the emotional, neurological, academic, professional, and personal needs of each client.

Academic Intervention

Composed of a screening for incoming clients. This screening begins with a brief questionnaire which is followed by a one-on-one mini assessment to review the academic needs of each client and develop a plan for treatment. This also includes a review of academic history prior to or following the assessment.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is highly involved support centered on the student’s investment in their education! Our diagnosticians are passionate about stewarding clients toward academic growth. Through coaching, students are equipped with study skills, organizational skills, project planning, and accountability. Tutoring and additional resources are also available to students for whom it may be required.

Intervention and Coaching programs require a weekly commitment.  Programs are customized for each student.


Advocacy is a critical measure in ensuring all parties on an accommodations board come to a mutual understanding and firm agreement of the implementation of a student’s treatment. Our diagnosticians are proficient at championing in-depth and student-centered accommodations. Having worked in several different educational positions, they are armed with a valuable and unique perspective in communicating the needs of the students as requirements rather than requests.

Advocacy services include

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings
  • Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) meetings
  • 504 Accommodations meetings
  • Respond to Intervention (RTI) meeting
  • College Transitions
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