Social Skills Classes

Social Skills Classes

social skills development through team activities

Stone Creek's Social Skills Program follows an evidence-based curriculum tailored specifically to help children, adolescents and young adults develop the skills necessary to make and maintain friendships. Each class is uniquely designed for that age group’s developmental level, needs and personalities. A unique element of Stone Creek's social skills program is the additional support provided to parents of the child or adolescent class member which is essential to successful completion of the program as well as long-term success in social development.
If you do not see a class that is right for you or your child, please let us know. We are always looking to provide services based on the needs of our community.

Social Skills Classes

Class Led By Day Time
Children (Pre-K to 5th grade)
Pre-K / Kindergarten Michele H. Kamerman, LPC, RPT Monday 5 p.m.
1st/2nd Grade Michele H. Kamerman, LPC, RPT Tuesday 5 p.m.
3rd-5th Grade Michele H. Kamerman, LPC, RPT Thursday 6 p.m.
Adolescents (6th grade to 12th grade)
Junior High Social Skills Classes Keri M. Silverstein, LCSW Wednesday 6 p.m.
High School Social Skills Classes Leticia H. White, LMSW Thursday 6:30 p.m.
Young Adults
Young Adult Social Skills Classes Leticia H. White, LMSW TBD TBD

*Please note that details for upcoming classes are subject to change as needed based on member sign-ups and therapists' schedules. Upcoming classes that do not meet the minimum number of members by the registration deadline may be canceled without notice.

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