Family Therapy & Marriage Counseling

A Wide Range of Services For a Variety of Issues...

Premarital Couples Therapy

Premarital therapy is a time to examine your relationship and consider your partner’s and your own individual wants, needs and potential together. While group training for general information is helpful, our unique approach includes a careful focus on each individual couple and the issues they present. Learning to understand your partner’s goals, expectations, and future plans, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a couple is essential in premarital work. Once these goals are set we can work towards identifying the tools for creating a healthier and more successful marriage.

Inter-Religious & Intercultural Couples Counseling

We live in a world that is wonderfully connected. As the degrees of separation between us become less and less, more and more couples are joining together from different faiths and cultures. While such diversity in background and perspectives provides a colorful world in which to live, it can at times be daunting. In inter-religious and intercultural couples, differences abound, related to communication, parenting styles, decision-making, etc. We embrace the many nuances of cultural and faith traditions, and assist couples in cultivating a deeper appreciation of each other in their dance together.

Extended/Blended Family Therapy

Many families join other families and experience issues for which therapy may be helpful. Extended and blended families merge individual family systems from different generations, cultures, and faith traditions into one unit. At times, fostering cohesion seems like an uphill battle. These families may face resistance in developing new rituals together. Children may have misgivings about the new arrangement, and parents may feel caught in the middle. A multitude of emotions may surface around these predicaments. At Stone Creek, we honor this difficult process and encourage members of blended and extended families to explore their feelings and relationships with one another. The goal is increased solidarity and connectedness.

Separation & Divorce Therapy

Separation and divorce is a vulnerable time in the life cycles of families and couples. Difficult feelings may surface including anger, confusion, shame, failure, and alienation. Numerous lifestyle changes occur, related to finances, work, housing, schooling, and child visitation routines. At Stone Creek, we accompany individuals, couples, and families on this difficult journey through providing opportunities for self-exploration, resolution of hurt, and improved communication. We help clients identify options for proceeding with their lives following this redefinition of an important relationship.

LGBT Couples and Family Therapy

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals, couples, and their families comprise a vibrant piece of our social tapestry. At Stone Creek, we embrace the wholeness of our clients as individuals. We honor the idea that each of us is on a journey toward being fully realized human beings. Unfortunately, for many LGBT individuals, external pressures such as homophobia have served to thwart this process – spawning shame and non-acceptance instead. Discrimination may block access to certain social and legal resources. Families may also struggle when a member comes out as LGBT. We work collaboratively with our clients so that they may find their own paths in the world, respecting their own personal identities and values.

Infidelity Counseling

When infidelity is discovered in a relationship, the effects can be devastating to the couple. Emotions experienced by both partners after such a rupture can include sorrow, anger, rage, resentment, or confusion. Repairing the break is an intensive process. In therapy, we work with clients on the path toward healing. Together, we address the meaning of the infidelity, the past and current needs of both partners, and behaviors that perpetuate cycles of doubt and mistrust. For couples invested in the longevity of their relationship, the goal is to create a plan for restoring trust, solidarity, and connectedness.