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Varied Services for Varied Needs

At Stone Creek Psychotherapy & Wellness Center, we know that there is no cookie-cutter approach to mental health treatment. That’s why we’ve developed a system that allows us to provide a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan to cater to each client’s individual needs. Few psychotherapy clinics in the Katy/West Houston area boast a team of over ten clinicians, each with different areas of expertise, as well as a multitude of services including assessment services, counseling, equine assisted psychotherapy and neurofeedback therapy.

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Our Approach to Treatment

Our approach focuses on not only the client as an individual, but also within the context of the systems in which they live. However, the Neurosystemic approach goes beyond the systemic approach in the sense that it also takes the clients neurological makeup into consideration.

With this unique new model in mind, we have developed a center equipped to treat mental health issues from the inside out, by focusing on internal causes related to their chemical makeup as well as external triggers in their surrounding systems.


Individual Therapy


Family Therapy


Play Therapy


Couples Therapy




ADHD Treatment

The Expert

Meet Our Directors

Stone Creek Psychotherapy was founded in 2003 by Directors Dianne W. Appolito, LCSW and Dana D. Debes, LCSW who have several decades of combined experience meeting the mental health needs of those in the Greater Houston area.

Dianne Appolito

Director and ADHD Specialist

30 years

Dana D. Debes, LCSW


20 years
comprehensive services

Unique Approach

We provide a vast array of assessments and therapies to help our clients understand and overcome issues such as anger and behavior problems, peer struggles, anxiety and depression, substance abuse issues and many more. 

  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Neurometric assessment and training
  • Play therapy
  • Social Skills Classes
  • AD/HD assessments
  • Career assessments

Transforming lives with compassion

Through the lens of our unique approach, we accompany individuals and
their families on the journey toward self-growth and personal enhancement.

This place is awesome! I love the friendliness of staff

Christina H.

Great staffs and service. I highly recommend Stone Creek Psychotherapy and Wellness Center.

Antonia H.

Great staff, very organized and knowledgeable. They are very understanding if something happens and you are running late or if you need to cancel or switch an appointment. The front desk staff is always smiling and helpful. The lobby area is comfortable, they have a big couch and plenty of space. They also have a little area for kids to play while waiting. I would recommend.

Danielle S.

Stephanie is wonderful. She is a caring compassionate person, I’ve found our sessions to be very healing.

Mona N.


Neurofeedback is biofeedback for the brain. Biofeedback is rooted in the idea that:

If we’re given information about our physical processes, we can CHANGE our physical processes.

Feedback usually comes in the form of what appears to be a typical videogame. In neurofeedback, however, there is no game controller. You simply sit back as your brain plays the game! As with most video games, the reward is to earn beeps and game points. Others prefer to watch a movie where the reward is to keep the movie playing on the screen. In other types of neurofeedback, you may sit with eyes closed while your brain is rewarded by sounds of crashing waves or a waterfall.

The brain is an experiential organ. Everything we experience, think, and feel brings about a biochemical event in the brain. In neurofeedback we reward shifts in the brain’s functioning. Life’s challenges become easier to navigate when the brain learns ways to function more efficiently.

Decades of data collection have provided a wealth of information about brainwave patterns. By simply taking a look at the EEG, we can predict areas of challenge a person is facing in their lives. Hundreds of papers have appeared in the scientific literature on this topic. The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research has compiled a comprehensive list of this research.

AD/HD is associated with very distinct brainwave patterns, and neurofeedback has repeatedly been shown to successfully shift these patterns.  Neurofeedback allows the challenges of AD/HD to be experienced with more ease so that you may take advantage of AD/HD’s gifts.  The American Academy of Pediatrics lists neurofeedback as a “best support” intervention for attention and hyperactivity behaviors.

Teletherapy Sessions – today or tomorrow – We can get you the help you need.

COVID-19 Update: We are Open and Available for Teletherapy Sessions!

Psychology Today has released a statement that researchers have found that mental health needs for the novel corona virus has been underrepresented and is urgently needed. The caring team of therapists as Stone Creek Psychotherapy & Wellness Center is concerned about this and have been working to develop a plan to respond to this urgent need.

Our multidisciplinary team of therapists is available and accepting new clients, To support our community with social distancing, we are offering safe, secure teletherapy Sessions via phone or video. We are providing these remote sessions as an avenue for secure, home-based mental healthcare to those who are isolated and need immediate help.

Please call: 28.1-579.0703 to schedule an appointment or to get more Information.

At Stone Creek Psychotherapy and Wellness Center, we are several decades of combined experience meeting the behavioral health needs to those in Greater Houston. We assist clients through a comprehensive range of services – each implemented compassionately, and in the spirit of collaboration. Through the lens of our unique approach, we accompany individuals and their families on the journey toward self growth and personal enhancement.

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