ADHD Testing

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) impacts individuals across multiple areas of their lives. Therefore, at Stone Creek Psychotherapy and Wellness Center, we offer comprehensive ADHD testing as well as our unique NeuroSystemic Approach for ADHD treatment. After decades of experience, we know this to be the most effective treatment for long-term success and wellness.

ADHD Testing - Our Comprehensive Assessment Process

Stone Creek Psychotherapy's ADHD testing involves a comprehensive evaluation process which addresses functioning in a wide range of areas. Our evaluation process includes:

  • An extensive clinical interview with the client, and for minors, the client's parents
  • An assessment with developmentally-appropriate questions based on the client's age group (i.e. children, adolescents, adults)
  • A thorough review of the client's health, family, and educational history
  • A brief screening for other learning or psychiatric disorders that are frequently associated with ADHD
  • A follow-up session in which the ADHD Specialist explains the results of the assessment and guides the client and/or the client's parents through the personalized treatment plan
  • A thorough report along with educational resources for clients and their family members
  • When appropriate, and when requested, a copy of the report may be sent to the client's physician/psychiatrist, school, university office of disability services, etc.
  • The Positive Aspects of ADHD

    Those who have ADHD possess a special set of biological characteristics – a unique ADHD brain. These individuals belong to a diverse and dynamic group that includes artists, visionaries, workers, inventors, entrepreneurs, academics, and researchers, to name a few. We educate clients and their families about the many positives aspects of ADHD. We support them to understand the positive aspects of ADHD, and develop skills to overcome the negative aspects. In addition to ADHD testing, we offer comprehensive psycho-educational testing to rule out additional processing struggles and provide a clear picture of the client's intellectual potential, academic abilities and current strengths and weaknesses.

    ADHD Treatment

    Our ADHD treatment recommendations are personalized and tailored to each client's specific needs. Our therapy services include:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Social skills classes
  • Neurofeedback therapy
  • Coordination of services with other professionals (i.e. physicians, psychiatrists, school counselors, etc.)